Micro Peels And Peel Plus

Micro Peels

Micro peels are the gateway to more advanced chemical peels and used to maximize the efficacy of your at home skin care regime.  The treatment combines the power of chemical exfoliation, a chemical peel and the application of dry ice. It results in decreased pore size, softer texture, diminished fine lines and hyper pigmentation.

Micro peels are pain-free. You will be able to resume normal activity immediately upon the completion of your treatment; however you might not want to–after all, you deserve a princess day, too! Micro peels are best for women 20+ that want a fast and gentle treatment that brightens their skin.

The Peel Plus

The Peel Plus is a more advanced chemical peel. Great for eliminating serious acne and minimizing the effects of sun-damaged skin, a Peel Plus is most often done on the face, neck and chest.

For about 10 minutes during your Peel Plus treatment you may feel mild discomfort.  Moderate flaking and peeling may occur a few days after treatment. Little to no makeup is advised during the recovery period which may influence the amount of activity you choose to pursue.

To learn more about our micro peel and peel plus services, book a complimentary consultation.

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